International remittance services(not ready)
(Funds Transfer Service Provider Registration No: Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00079)

Company history

May,2014 Mbilling established
November,2017 100% share transfer to SANNTSU company
March,2020 License registered by Kanto Finance Bureau
March,2021 100% share transfer to Wo Transfer


Tatsushi Takata

Large experience in international money transfers and fintech services , especially in the development of new products and channels field.

Worked from large Multinationals to small Ventures, executing several roles in the service/product value chain, focus on strategic analysis, business planning. business development, resource management and operation. 

Customer oriented, providing the solutions that match with customer’s needs, strength in developing the international network.

Ken Zheng

In 2018, Mr. Ken Zheng founded WoTransfer and he is responsible for the company’s strategic planning, business development, and operations management. Prior to founding Wo Transfer, Mr. Ken Zheng worked for American Express, First Data, and Western Union. In 2015, Ken built American Express innovative business team in China and successfully provided Chinese consumers with mobile and cross-border payment products. As a result of his innovative business team actions, the transaction volume increased by 195% for three consecutive years and the total user size was nearly 42 million. For these accomplishments, Mr. Ken Zheng become the youngest global Vice President in American Express and won the company’s highest honor – President award that year.
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Eric Zeng

In 2018, he co-founded WoTransfer, responsible for the company’s products, technology, operations and domestic banking channel construction. Prior to founding WoTransfer, Eric was the senior vice president of lianlianpay, responsible for lianianpay’s mobile division and innovation division. Since 2013, he has led the mobile payment business unit, with an annual transaction volume ranging from 0 to 700 billion. It played a key role for lianlianpay to become one of the four largest mobile payment company in China and obtain more than 5 billion yuan in financing. Prior to working at lianlianpay, Eric had more than 18 years of Internet work experience. As the earliest Internet person in China, Eric also worked for Sina.com, China.com, Hc360.com and 12580.com.


Company information

Company Name:MBilling
Office Address: 1-6-5,Marunouchi,ChiyodaKu,Tokyo
Capital:20million yen
Company Representative:Takata Tatsushi

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Business hour: 9:30~18:30